My First Book


I’m so pleased to announce the results of my journaling during our many years long journey with my Dad through Alzheimer’s disease. While our challenges and solutions may help you in your journey, equally important were the 75 years prior to the diagnosis.  I have shared some of those memories and “Merleisms”  in my book as a way to keep the wonderful memories of my amazing father alive for years to come. I hope they help you realize it’s possible to survive the journey with love and dignity.

As Dad was losing his ability to ascertain reality, it became evident to me if we didn’t get his memories in print, they would be forever lost to future generations.

This book is my first book. I hope it will spark memories you’d like to share and preserve as well.This blog is designed with the hope that you will share your memories and challenges here. Hopefully as we share we can help one another on our respective and unique journey’s.

It has been said, as long as we remember our loved ones they will live forever in our hearts. It is my goal to keep my Dad alive forever in my heart. Please join me.


2 thoughts on “My First Book

    • Thanks so much!!! Can’t wait to get the actual book in my hands. Should be here by the 18th. You can actually order your book at my website. The website takes most types of payments through my PayPal account. You don’t need to have one. Thanks again!

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