Wonderful Ripples

It’s wonderful to see the ripple effects that we never anticipated. From journaling throughout Dad’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease, to writing my memories so I wouldn’t forget, to creating a book about our journey; now with the book published, printed and available, we are preparing for our release/launch event tomorrow, February 26th at the Heartwood Senior Living Center – Conference Room from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.

One of Mom’s concerns during our journey, well I should say, “one of several concerns”, was that people would forget who Dad was before Alzheimer’s Disease. I can assure you, based on the response we’re receiving already, they have not nor ever will forget, MERLE. We’ve had countless phone calls already from people we don’t even know who want to talk about their journey and we’ve had as many phone calls from friends and family who want to talk about their memories of MERLE. He was well-loved and respected. We knew that but it’s great to hear it from others.

Thank you all for your love and support. Mom’s getting quite a few phone calls too and she seems pleased for the opportunity to visit with people about Dad and his book.

The ripples continue and we continue to be Blessed by “The Hand of God!”


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