I cannot adequately express my feelings about the success of the book release/launch and signing event yesterday.
Webster’s definition of “salutiferous” is not all-encompassing to my mind. When I think of definition of the word I’m drawn to a more descriptive scenario, i.e. when things, times, people, places are set in motion creating a wonderful experience which includes all of the following:
Related Words: curativerecuperativerefreshing,rehabilitativerejuvenating
I just had the most “salutiferous” experience at our book release/launch event that you can imagine. Scheduling an event in Minnesota in February is risky because of the threat of winter storms, icy roads, high winds, tons of snow and all of these things happened last week. I like to think Mother Nature was directed by “the Hand of God” to get this out of her system prior to our event; which she did. We had the most glorious weather, blue skies and sunshine on February 26th which made for safe travel. And people traveled from as much as 50 miles away to attend. People of all ages, friends, family, acquaintances and strangers. It was wonderful!
We heard stories from other family members dealing with the devastation of Alzheimer’s Disease along with stories of how wonderful and accomplished their loved one was before the disease. There were tears and laughter and hugs and memories about “Merle”, my Dad. Mom was present for most of the day.The attendees were pleased to be able to talk her; many had known her and Dad for years and really enjoyed catching up, others had just learned of the book and were pleased to have the opportunity to meet Mom.
The facility was so very nice and the staff at Heartwood were exceptional. The Conference Room was set up exactly as we had requested and the coffee, ice water and cookies were perfect. The cookies were delicious and at the end of the day there were only 4 cookies left. People commented on how good the coffee was and how much they liked the cookies – some ate more than one…..or two because they were so good.(I’d highly recommend you use the Conference Room at Heartwood Senior Living Center for your next event. It’s large enough to accommodate a big group yet feels cozy enough for a smaller event). It was Great!
And we sold a lot of books!

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