Two More Locations

Thank you to the many people who have helped me launch my book in so many ways. Thank you to all of you who have purchased a copy and have shared with me how it’s affected you. I’m truly blessed by your sharing. You are affirming this book was needed and is being well-received and shared.

Two additional locations available to purchase “His Name Was Merle – Our Journey through Alzheimer’s Disease”:

Crosby, MN – Heartland Cafe and Gifts Galore are both stocking signed and numbered copies of my book, “His Name Was Merle – Our Journey through Alzheimer’s Disease” for your convenience. Please thank them when you stop in to purchase a book while shopping at Gifts Galore or having a great meal at Heartland Cafe.

Heartland Cafe is near and dear to my heart. It was previously the Crystal Cafe which Mom and Dad purchased and worked around 1965. My sister and I purchased it from them   in 1970 and thankfully Mom stayed on with us to make sure we got things done right. We sold it in 1975. Before Mom and Dad owned the cafe it was owned by Juanita Wiener  whom I worked for as a teen. Mother had previously worked there as well for Mrs. Wiener  Prior to that, Jimmy Temple owned it as the “Candy Kitchen” and, I believe, in addition to candy making he was famous for his popcorn and lunch counter. Lots of wonderful memories of those times and more memories are being made at the now famous “Heartland Cafe” in Crosby, MN.


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