Sharing our stories….It’s what it’s all about

This journey has been amazing at every turn, from my initial journal entries to writing memories about my life with Dad and Mom to publication of a book I never knew was in me.

We’ve had several book signing events following our initial launch/book release event the 26th of February. At each event people have shared stories about their journey with a loved one and Alzheimer’s Disease. I’ve been uplifted by their survival and saddened hearing of some the their episodes; however, each one has been enlightening and the sharing has provided encouragement as others listened.

There have been many questions asked, most of which I don’t have the answers to but in sharing with each other, we’ve found common threads and have been able to point one another to other resources to find the answers and/or support for which they are searching. One such resource is a contact I’ve made through this blog,

I have found this to be an excellent resource and hope you’ll check it out and blog with Sandy. She has done a lot of research and has a great deal of experience, in my opinion, regarding Alzheimer’s Disease. You will find countless other resources from her site as well.

My recommendation is you take advantage of as many creditable resources as you can find to help others and yourself travel through this devastating journey without losing the wonderful memories of the ones you love. Lj – Romans 8:28


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