Just a little over a month….

Dad's RoseIt’s been just a little over a month since we released “His Name Was Merle – Our journey through Alzheimer’s Disease”. I’m looking forward to all the “what next?” moments but I am savoring all that has happened to date. I’ve met some amazing people who have shared their stories with me. I’ve received encouragement to write another book. My response to that is, that’s up to God. I believe it was God that created this book in me and if it be His will, we’ll venture into another one.  I actually have several concepts in mind that I’ve already attached working titles to but we’ll see….

Several years ago I painted a picture of a rose from an illustration in a seed catalog. While a seed catalog is not my usual inspiration for a painting, this particular depiction was of a rose that a gardener had created and named in honor of Billy Graham. He or she had done so because of the beauty, transparency and purity of the rose. It impacted me to the degree I put brush to paint and canvas and in a fairly short period of time created one of my favorite paintings.

When I showed the painting to Mom and Dad, they were very impressed. My Dad wondered how I had made the dew drops on the petals saying, They look so real”. They have always been supportive of my art but this painting seemed to extraordinarily impress Dad. I titled my painting, “Dad’s Rose”.  I sent the original to Reverend Billy Graham and had a print made for Dad and Mom and one for me.  I received a very nice letter of support and appreciation from the Grahams. Since then I’ve tried numerous times to recreate that painting using my print as inspiration. I now have 3 very poor paintings of “a rose”.  I truly believe, “Dad’s Rose” was Divinely inspired and was intended to be the only one I would paint.

So, like I previously mentioned, if I write another book it will be according to the Will of God, just like “Dad’s Rose”;  “His Name Was Merle – Our Journey through Alzheimer’s Disease” may be a one and only. Lj Romans 8:28


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