The Blessings Just Keep Coming

I’ve probably shared this before but it’s so amazing I have to blog about it….again.

This book has created its own ministry. I have met many people who have shared their lives and stories of their loved ones and I am overwhelmed with the opportunity God has given me to be available to anyone who wants to talk about their journey. Sharing their journey has helped me and others as much, if not more, than I have helped anyone.

The blessings just keep coming. Today I was at Bethany Book and Gifts for another book signing (I love that store) and I had to opportunity to talk with several people who wanted to share their memories of my Dad – Merle!  We, as Dad’s family, always knew he was an amazing man but it’s such a joy to hear other people’s memories of him and know they felt the same way about him. The development of my book is such a small part of this whole thing, from honoring my Dad,  to sharing the journey and hoping to help others, we have been blessed.

A former employer of Dad’s and his wife came to the book signing today. He really felt a desire to let me know how much Dad meant to him. He shared with me how blessed he was to have had to opportunity to let my Dad know just how special he was and how much knowing Dad meant to him. He also mentioned Mom’s lemon pie! He thanked me for my tribute, honoring my Dad through my book.

Dad was such a humble man. I don’t think he ever thought about whether or not he affected anyone else’s life. Perhaps that was the most special thing about him and why so many people were affected by him. Thank you Dad, for the gift of you! Love, Lynda


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