It’s been a little over three months since my book launch party and release of “His Name Was Merle – Our Journey through Alzheimer’s Disease”.  As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve met some amazing people. Some of whom have prompted me to more seriously consider writing another book just so I can share their stories.

Many of them have commented, “I should write a book” or “People have told me I should write a book”.  But they haven’t done so. Several have said they could and would be willing to share enough of their journey for a chapter or two in someone else’s book. I find that very interesting and intriguing; definitely worth pondering at the very least. Perhaps that concept has already been done but even so, the stories would be unique as are all  the stories of everyone’s life and journey with dementia.

I’ve made some notes and actually typed a few pages, hmmmm. . . . let’s see what God has in mind.

Book sales have slowed a bit but that’s to be expected since I’ve not been pursuing as many signing events lately what, with all the summer work around home.  I do have a few events scheduled which include participating in “The Longest Day” fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Foundation at Edgewood Vista in Brainerd, MN. June 21st.  I will donate $2.00 per sold book to the fundraiser and am hoping we have a great day. It sounds like a fun event but I won’t have the full agenda until later  this week.

Check out the “Calendar” page for other upcoming events. I have something every month through September at which time I plan to start making inquiries again and perhaps branch out geographically with book signing events.  Feel free to email me or comment here if you have any suggestions or questions. Lj


2 thoughts on “THREE MONTHS LATER

  1. It sounds like your family’s story has been a source of information and inspiration for others. As those others start to consider their own books, then it’s possible their stories can, in turn, be of help to others. And so your work continues to have an influence, long after you penned the first word.

    Each of our stories has value, when we craft them properly and draw the right points, lessons, and messages from them.

  2. Thanks for your comments. You’re so correct in that each of our stories has value, especially as you say when we craft and share them appropriately. In all of this one learns to appreciate and respect others greatly.

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