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Below are two books that have been recommended by other Alzheimer’s Awareness advocate bloggers. I’ve connected to each of their blogs here as well. These books are a must read if you know of young children dealing with the dementia of grandparents or other loved ones.  

I’ve been asked by several families I’ve come in contact with on this journey if I knew of a book that might be helpful for their child. Here are just a couple and as you can see by what Lori La Bey and Sandy have posted, they are an excellent resource.

REBLOG From Lori La Bey:

I just ran across a new book every family and profession needs to have.  Please read my blog post for more details.  This children’s book has lessens for us all.

A Dementia  Book

Every Family & Professional Needs


Here are my thoughts after reading the book. 

Keep in mind I had tears running down my face as I read the book, not because it was sad or scary, but because it explained dementia in such a beautiful and simple fashion.  I still remember forty years ago at the age of 13, when my great aunt forgot my name and who I was.  I was devastated.  No one, not even my mother had a good explanation for what was happening.All I heard over and over was,

“That’s what happens when people grow old Lori.  They go senile.  You didn’t do anything wrong.  It’s just what happens.”

REBLOG from Sandy:

Alexandra Faer Bryan has a new children’s book, “Green Kitty.” It’s a must-read and has placed as a finalist for “Best Books 2011.” About a grandmother recently placed in assisted living and her visiting grandchild. This story weaves information and caregiving suggestions about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease subtly into the storyline of this educational and entertaining work. Green Kitty will capture the imagination of any child as it retells the laugh-out-loud true antics of the author’s family pets and farm animals. These are  amusing, earthy stories which will appeal to both parents and children. It was developed for the unique age group of 8-12 year olds. The work is one of six finalists for “Best Books 2011? in children’s fiction by USA Book News. The book was written to be educational but it is being recognized as entertaining fiction – See more at:


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