Too hot and too wet!

Erika, Lynda, Jeanne and Maurice who replaced Anita for one day. I didn't get a pic with Anita - I'm sorry!

Erika, Lynda, Jeanne and Maurice who replaced Anita for one day. I didn’t get a pic with Anita – I’m sorry!

This past weekend was the huge and wonderfully well attended Little Falls historic craft sale in Little Falls MN. They hosted over 600 vendors and the owner of Good Books offered a group of authors a space in front of her Christian book store. Most of us have done book signings for her/Marge at “Good Book”  but none of us had ever previously met.

In spite of the weather and a lower than normal turn out, I suspect because of the weather, the weekend was an opportunity I never anticipated. We authors now refer to ourselves as the “survivor” authors. Our books ranged from cancer survival to Holocaust survival.  We bonded immediately and shared our publication journeys as well as our survival stories….between visiting with attendees.

As I reflect on the weekend, and the awful weather, over 95 above all day on Saturday and albeit much needed, RAIN all day on Sunday, I was truly blessed to spend time with these authors and Marge. Imagine if you can, spending hours with a family and breast cancer survivor, a Holocaust survivor, and a survivor of ethnic cleansing, an under-reported historical tragedy, all of whom are women and authors willing to share their journey in the hope their survival will inspire others to fight the hard fight and never, ever give up hope and faith in God! Amazing. I have again been truly blessed because I chose to share my story in a book about our journey with my Dad and Mom.

I sincerely hope you’ll find their books and take time to read them all as soon as possible. They are:”Trapped In Hitler’s Hell” by Anita Dittman with Jan Markell; “The Will to Live” and “Silent No More” by Erica Vora and “The Chosen One by Jeanne Kremers.  They are all available at Good Books in Little Falls, MN or at their respective websites and along with my book of course.

As I participate in these types of events, which are not specific to an audience wanting to learn more are enduring the challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease, I am always curious about the attendees who cringe when they realize my book is about “Alzheimer’s”. I hear expressions like, “I don’t want to know about that” or ” I’m not affected by that”  or something similar. Trust me, if I had a choice I would like nothing better than to never had the need to learn about Alzheimer’s Disease much less travel the journey. Having said that, the “Journey” has brought me to places and people I never would have experienced which and whom have greatly enhanced my life.

So for those who never want to know about Alzheimer’s Disease I can only say, “Thank God you’ve never had to and I pray you never will; In the meantime, if you’re ever curious visit my website and know that I’m available to answer any questions you may have, if I can, based on my experiences”.

May God Bless you all every day. Lj


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