Play with a Fidget Blanket/Apron



Fidget blankets or aprons are way to keep the hands busy of those with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease. They feature different textures to feel and simple activities to do, such as zipping and unzipping a zipper. Some people prefer to use blankets, which feel “natural” to keep on their lap for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Others like to use aprons because they can be worn, and tend to stay in place better than blankets, especially if the person with memory loss likes to get up and move around a lot.

You can purchase them online at stores that cater to Alzheimer’s patients or if you’re crafty, you can make your own using your imagination or as your guide. If you are of the crafty persuasion, some ideas to include are:
1. Different textured fabrics, such as velvet, faux fir, chenille, even burlap or sponges!
2. Zippers
3. Lengths of…

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