Assisted Living Directory

It’s wonderful when someone discovers my website/blog and asks to be mentioned and linked to their website! This site, “Assisted Living Directory” is just one example. David Bisnette, Founder/Editor of same contacted me when he discovered my website/blog and asked if I’d consider linking to his site. After looking at his site, I am honored to do so.

“One of the differences between Assisted Living Directory and many other senior care sites is that we allow facilities to be contacted directly, and safely. Any licensed facility in good standing may appear on our site. Our editors and contributors have been through the process of finding assisted living for our own family members, and we work hard to share our experiences and expertise with our users! We also provide trusted ways for you to get additional help, should you need it!” – David Bisnette

Check it out, I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was and you’ll find information you may need someday…if not today. Blessings, Lj


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