Still Alice: Bringing Alzheimer’s into the Spotlight + Book Giveaway

This is so important. We must do all we can to inform and educate everyone about this devastating disease. Although fiction, “Still Alice” is an excellent tool to help inform those few, who as of yet, are untouched by Alzheimer’s disease. I pray you are never touched but we are all affected and must work too hep and inform each other.

The Long and Winding Road...

“Interesting subject, seems it’s becoming very topical.”

Last week, I attended a wonderful fundraiser featuring Dr. Lisa Genova, author of the New York Times best selling novel, Still Alice.

I overheard the aforementioned statement at the reception prior to the main event. Becoming very topical??? Excuse me if I’m a bit passionate, but this illustrates the fact that we have much more work to do. While awareness has increased significantly over  the past 10 years, the mainstream population still doesn’t grasp the gravity of the epidemic we’re facing.

Those of us personally affected understand the urgency surrounding Alzheimer’s. We are terrified that we might be next. This disease has changed our perspective in countless ways, but there are too many people who are still in the dark. It’s often said there are two kinds of people; those who have been personally touched by Alzheimer’s and those who will be.


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