We’ve Moved

First, I must apologize to all who have visited my blog to find nothing new has been posted. We’ve been about as busy as we can handle lately. We sold our farm in central MN and have moved a little closer to the city. It was a difficult decision and very hard to give up the location and acreage but our new home is very nice, includes a small acreage and is much more convenient for our needs as we continue to age….funny how that works.

Anyway, I’m back on line and intend to be a bit more diligent blogger. I’m looking for an outlet to sell my remaining books and have considered donating them to facilities and/or organizations that might find them beneficial.  Not sure exactly how to put this plan into action but I’m working on it. If you have suggestions please share them with m; I’d appreciate any thoughts.

I am also still available for speaking engagements, my standard rate is $400.00 and the opportunity to sell my books. The fee is negotiable for non-profit organizations depending on the availability of funds for speaker fees. It’s my priority and mission to share our journey more than to supplement my income. I pay my own travel expense unless the distance is over 200 miles round trip then I would request mileage and possibly overnight lodging expense.

I am not a medical or a legal professional. I share our journey as a personal experience from my heart. I don’t presume to have medical facts; they change fairly often, however, I have done and continue to do, quite a lot of research and I have learned some helpful tips through the stories shared by other families on a similar journey.

I relay how we dealt with medical and financial situations as they presented and our experiences as a family of a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease. I answer questions as I’m able at the end of my presentation and make myself available to visit with those who may have concerns and questions they are not comfortable discussing in a group setting.

If you’d like to discuss a speaking engagement for your organization please contact me via email, provide a phone number and I’ll call you.

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