It’s Almost the 4th of July…..

My, where does the time go?  I’m sure I’m not any busier than any of you but it seems I’m always playing catch up with my blog.  I really don’t like that and I always hope to do better but life gets in the way; ups and downs like most people.

I’m excited to announce the Jessie. F. Hallett Memorial Library in Crosby, MN has accepted my donation of 276 books to be used as a fundraiser for the Library and the Alzheimer’s Association. The library launched the event this month and are selling my donated books for $10.00 each. Here’s your opportunity to get a book at a reduced price if you’ve not purchased one yet, or if you see a need to purchase one for someone else. Unfortunately it seems someone is always in need of support when it comes to Alzheimer’s Disease. However, fortunately there are many like me who try to help and be supportive by providing a listening ear  or shoulder to lean on as we share our journey.

As always, I’m available to listen and do what I can as a family advocate and/or speaker. As an advocate I’m  available at no charge, as a speaker my rates are very reasonable and negotiable. Don’t hesitate to contact me for either as well as for a conversation.

My prayers for God’s Blessings, LJC Romans 8:28

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