A Page from My Book

 Snapshots of a Year

One of the pieces of information I wanted most to see when we went on our Alzheimer’s journey was the story of the day-to-day interactions of others who had gone on a similar road. But I could not seem to find it. So I am sharing snippets of various days that happened over the course of a year. I share these moments as journal entries so you can look at your own experience and know that you are not alone. Seeing a loved one slowly forget you, become disconnected from reality and grow increasingly confused happens to many of us. This is how it happened our case.
January  2009
My brother, Larry, took Dad to the salvage yard in town yesterday to get the rear window for his truck. Dad and Mom had previously found one at the salvage yard that would fit his truck. He, evidently, had backed out of the garage to get a load of firewood. Without the garage door being open all the way, he broke the truck topper window.
The salvage yard had failed to get the window ready so they had a few hours to wait so they did some “guy” shopping and went out for lunch. Mom said they were gone about 3.5 hours. When they returned home, Larry stayed another two hours and installed the window. He said they had a good day – he heard many of the same stories several times but no problems or issues.
Dad,however, explained to Mom later about how BIG that town was. He said he’d not been there for many years and it’s really gotten BIG.  Mom is not sure where all they went but it sure was a BIG town, according to Dad. Mom enjoyed her day of catching up with her ironing. She even washed, dried and ironed another load of laundry. She doesn’t get many opportunities to just do what she needs to do as Dad gets confused if she’s not focused on him all the time when he is around.
It was fairly common at this point in Dad’s dementia for him not to realize he was at home. About 8:30 that night, he decided it was time to go home.
OK, get your coat,” Mom said. She got her coat and off they went down the road. Just past the lake Dad asked her where she wanted to go. She then asked him where he wanted to go. They agreed they should go home.
“Well, we better turn around then,” Dad said.
They did and went home.
“Well, I think we should head on to bed,” Mom said. “I’m tired.”
They went to bed.
        Mom has learned that when it’s time to “go home” she has to make a “U” turn in the driveway and go out the front drive because if she goes out the back drive Dad recognizes the house and decides he’s home. Unfortunately, this realization doesn’t last very long as he’s not been gone long enough and pretty soon they have to go for another ride

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