I live with my husband in rural central Minnesota. Combined we have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

The children living east, west and north afford them the opportunity to visit occasionally but enjoy most of all when their children and grandchildren visit them in Minnesota.

Having retired early I have had the opportunity to, share time with family members and on occasion be of assistance if needed. As an oil artist, I have participated in several art shows and continue to paint when time allows.

If you have a desire to discuss your Alzheimer’s journey, separate from this my blog, with me you can contact me by email at Lyndac62@gmail.com

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  1. You may have noticed on my website, a link to “Merle”. At that link you have a choice two choices. One of them will take you to a picture of my painting of “Dad’s Eagle Tree”. You will find the story of the Eagle tree in the book. I will blog about it later as well; don’t want to give too much away here but it’s an interesting story and I hope you enjoy reading about “Dad’s Eagle Tree”.

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