Another Amazing Day of Book Signing and Sharing!

Saturday, April 13th I was part of a first ever, multi-author, event, at Bethany Book and Gifts in Baxter, MN. What an amazing experience!  There were seven authors and the entire event was very well coordinated. I believe we were all very well represented. Four of us were non-fiction authors and were seated in the same area, two fiction authors, one children’s book author and one fiction novelist, were seated together and nationally recognized author of historical Christian fiction, Tracie Peterson was seated in a somewhat larger area to accommodated her many followers.

I sensed everyone was mutually appreciative of the effort by Deb and the staff at Bethany to provide this opportunity. I can only speak for myself, but I felt we all enjoyed the time to share with one another and with our readers. I was concerned the weather we’ve had lately might negatively impact attendance. I was wrong. The weather was beautiful and evidently many people were ready for an outing and found our event the perfect opportunity to express their support and enthusiasm and enjoy the day.

We are blessed to have such an excellent Christian book store in area! I’m looking forward to signing there again Saturday, April 20th. However, I’ll be the only author signing that day, as far as I know; perhaps I’ll have a little more time to visit with those of you who come to shop or to purchase my book. I’ll be pleased to sign it for you as we chat. Lj


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