Final Post

Dear friends and family, it’s time to take a rest. I’ve decided to leave this page up for as long as my web contract allows but I will not be renewing this website address. I am donating the balance of my books as I see a need and am open to suggestions for donation sites and individuals.

I will always be available to share our journey with my Dad and be a listening ear to your story if you care to share. As an advocate to families on this devastating journey I will keep you in prayer.

Thank you one and all for your support and love but now I must get back to my art, I’m missing painting and the smell of oil on canvas. You may see some of my art on Facebook in the future and Dad’s page is still up on FB as well.  God Bless, LJ

Finally ….. we’re available as a Kindle

I think it’s finally ready. I’m not the most adept at this “e” stuff but I think the “Kindle” version of “His Name Was Merle – Our Journey Through Alzheimer’s Disease” is now available on Please check it out and get back to me on Facebook or comment here if you see anything that’s not working. I think the text might be a little off center but at least I think it’s all there and readable.  One more step in the journey and it continues to be enlightening. God Bless, LJ


It’s been over 2 years since we published “His Name Was Merle – Our Journey through Alzheimer’s Disease” and it’s been an amazing journey. We’ve talked, listened, shared, presented our story and met amazing people of great strength and wisdom. I am down to less than 200 books so rather than do a 2nd printing I’m trying to make it available as a “Kindle” book which can be downloaded and shared. Please watch for the announcement and/or check on Amazon Kindle occasionally to see if it’s published.

I’ll post again if there’s a problem since I’m only half as “technical” as I’d like to be at this stage in my life. Please feel free to post comments and remember I’m available for speaking engagements and conversation about our mutual journeys. – Romans 8:28 LJConverse

REPOST – The Importance of Support and Resources

I’ve been asked to write a brief statement as to why LAMAA (Lakes Area Memory Awareness Advocacy) and ACT on Alzheimer’s is important to me. The following is my statement of support of the work these two organizations do and how they have helped me and many others. Feel free to comment and share your experiences of support through either of these organizations and/or others. We help each other when we share our journey. lj

The journey to the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in and of itself is traumatic and when my Dad was diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer specific, “Merle, you have dementia, Alzheimer’s specific” was as much information as we received from the visiting neurologist at his local clinic. As the eldest of five siblings I was determined to find out as much as I could about what to expect, how to deal with all of the “what next questions” and how to help my Dad and my Mom deal with this devastating diagnosis. I was unable to find much help or information at that time. I was able to find medical information, misinformation, opinion and a few books that were more technical than helpful.

Because of the lack of resources I started journaling in hopes of helping myself and in the future, anyone else trying to survive this journey. My writings created a book about my Dad; who he was before Alzheimer’s disease, along with all of “the how, what, why, where and when” questions for which we had to find answers.

After the death of my Dad I continued to write and do research which led me to Lakes Area Memory Awareness Advocacy; a volunteer organization which was providing the resources I had hoped to find when Dad was diagnosed. LAMAA was connected to Act on Alzheimer’s and together they were leading the effort in our community to provide support for loved ones and their family members and caregivers. Having been on this devastating journey, I knew full-well the importance of support and resources and Act on Alzheimer’s was providing the means to “changing our communities”.

I needed to be a part of this; my personal mission is to help people realize the importance of remembering who their loved one was prior to the diagnosis. Act on Alzheimer’s not only helps me fulfill my mission, it more importantly educates communities and provides the resources I could not find when my Dad was first diagnosed.

Because of the work of Act on Alzheimer’s, no one ever has to get this frightful diagnosis without getting some direction to resources and support. As we continue to educate families, caregivers and providers, it is my hope and belief we will educate our communities as well. The devastation of what Alzheimer’s disease is and what it does, needs to be known and understood. No one should ever have to feel embarrassed, neglected or alone on this dreadful journey.


Lynda J. Converse

Adult Daughter of a Dad with Alzheimer’s disease

It’s Almost the 4th of July…..

My, where does the time go?  I’m sure I’m not any busier than any of you but it seems I’m always playing catch up with my blog.  I really don’t like that and I always hope to do better but life gets in the way; ups and downs like most people.

I’m excited to announce the Jessie. F. Hallett Memorial Library in Crosby, MN has accepted my donation of 276 books to be used as a fundraiser for the Library and the Alzheimer’s Association. The library launched the event this month and are selling my donated books for $10.00 each. Here’s your opportunity to get a book at a reduced price if you’ve not purchased one yet, or if you see a need to purchase one for someone else. Unfortunately it seems someone is always in need of support when it comes to Alzheimer’s Disease. However, fortunately there are many like me who try to help and be supportive by providing a listening ear  or shoulder to lean on as we share our journey.

As always, I’m available to listen and do what I can as a family advocate and/or speaker. As an advocate I’m  available at no charge, as a speaker my rates are very reasonable and negotiable. Don’t hesitate to contact me for either as well as for a conversation.

My prayers for God’s Blessings, LJC Romans 8:28

We’ve Moved

First, I must apologize to all who have visited my blog to find nothing new has been posted. We’ve been about as busy as we can handle lately. We sold our farm in central MN and have moved a little closer to the city. It was a difficult decision and very hard to give up the location and acreage but our new home is very nice, includes a small acreage and is much more convenient for our needs as we continue to age….funny how that works.

Anyway, I’m back on line and intend to be a bit more diligent blogger. I’m looking for an outlet to sell my remaining books and have considered donating them to facilities and/or organizations that might find them beneficial.  Not sure exactly how to put this plan into action but I’m working on it. If you have suggestions please share them with m; I’d appreciate any thoughts.

I am also still available for speaking engagements, my standard rate is $400.00 and the opportunity to sell my books. The fee is negotiable for non-profit organizations depending on the availability of funds for speaker fees. It’s my priority and mission to share our journey more than to supplement my income. I pay my own travel expense unless the distance is over 200 miles round trip then I would request mileage and possibly overnight lodging expense.

I am not a medical or a legal professional. I share our journey as a personal experience from my heart. I don’t presume to have medical facts; they change fairly often, however, I have done and continue to do, quite a lot of research and I have learned some helpful tips through the stories shared by other families on a similar journey.

I relay how we dealt with medical and financial situations as they presented and our experiences as a family of a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease. I answer questions as I’m able at the end of my presentation and make myself available to visit with those who may have concerns and questions they are not comfortable discussing in a group setting.

If you’d like to discuss a speaking engagement for your organization please contact me via email, provide a phone number and I’ll call you.

Still Alice: Bringing Alzheimer’s into the Spotlight + Book Giveaway

This is so important. We must do all we can to inform and educate everyone about this devastating disease. Although fiction, “Still Alice” is an excellent tool to help inform those few, who as of yet, are untouched by Alzheimer’s disease. I pray you are never touched but we are all affected and must work too hep and inform each other.

The Long and Winding Road...

“Interesting subject, seems it’s becoming very topical.”

Last week, I attended a wonderful fundraiser featuring Dr. Lisa Genova, author of the New York Times best selling novel, Still Alice.

I overheard the aforementioned statement at the reception prior to the main event. Becoming very topical??? Excuse me if I’m a bit passionate, but this illustrates the fact that we have much more work to do. While awareness has increased significantly over  the past 10 years, the mainstream population still doesn’t grasp the gravity of the epidemic we’re facing.

Those of us personally affected understand the urgency surrounding Alzheimer’s. We are terrified that we might be next. This disease has changed our perspective in countless ways, but there are too many people who are still in the dark. It’s often said there are two kinds of people; those who have been personally touched by Alzheimer’s and those who will be.


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Assisted Living Directory

It’s wonderful when someone discovers my website/blog and asks to be mentioned and linked to their website! This site, “Assisted Living Directory” is just one example. David Bisnette, Founder/Editor of same contacted me when he discovered my website/blog and asked if I’d consider linking to his site. After looking at his site, I am honored to do so.

“One of the differences between Assisted Living Directory and many other senior care sites is that we allow facilities to be contacted directly, and safely. Any licensed facility in good standing may appear on our site. Our editors and contributors have been through the process of finding assisted living for our own family members, and we work hard to share our experiences and expertise with our users! We also provide trusted ways for you to get additional help, should you need it!” – David Bisnette

Check it out, I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was and you’ll find information you may need someday…if not today. Blessings, Lj